About Us


American Mailbox Services, Inc has a reputation for quality work and superior service.

American Mailbox Services, Inc has been in business for over 25 years and services customers throughout the United States.

We are authorized suppliers of Step 2 Products, Salsbury, Gaines, Architectural and Special Life Products Six of the most reputable companies in the industry.

American Mailbox Services, Inc has installed over 15,000 mailboxes for individuals, builders, and condominium associations.

Our Story

In the early 90s, Joe Bernson made a living by installing gutters on residential homes. As an enterprising young business owner, Joe did his marketing in the evenings on the way home from his job sites. In those days, marketing consisted of personally depositing thousands of flyers in mailboxes across the metropolitan Detroit area. In his travels, he opened dilapidated antiquated boxes with barely decipherable house numbers. He wondered why homeowners, in even the most beautifully landscaped homes, often paid no attention to one of the first and most vital elements of their homes’ curb appeal—the mailbox. So, Joe started researching what was available in the industry. He talked with homeowners of the better built and more aesthetically appealing mailboxes, about where they purchased these Cadillacs of the mailbox fleet. In his search, he found mailbox manufactures with products and set up distributor relationships with them. The company, born in 1995 of a desire to provide homeowners with a higher quality product not available at local hardware and home improvement stores, has now sold over 30,000 mailboxes to customers throughout North America. In addition, many of southeast Michigan’s premier home builders, such as Moceri Companies, Robertson Brothers, Toll Brothers, and Cohen Homes are American Mailbox clients. The company is a proud member of the Building Industry Association of Southeastern Michigan, the Michigan Association of Home Builders and the National Association of Home Builders.

We sell and install in the Detroit Metro area (800) 683-8310