Wilkes 1812 Estate Series Mailbox – Illuminated Finial

Wilkes 1812 Estate Series Mailbox - Illuminated Finial


Compliment your entranceway with the landscape-friendly 1812 Estate Series Mailboxes and Light Posts. This Wilkes mailbox features an all-white design with a fluted aluminum pillar, illuminated top finial, and an 1812 series residential mailbox. A newspaper tube, scroll, and address plate are also included. The direct burial post provides stability to this outdoor mailbox unit, while the single-body construction protects interior contents from the elements. Choose from low voltage, line voltage, and solar lighting. A transformer is available for the low voltage units.

  • USPS Approved for delivery
  • UL listed lights for safety
  • Illuminated top finial
  • Front mounted
  • Newspaper tube, scroll, & address plate
  • 8 ft. high fluted aluminum, direct burial post

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