Buckhorn Black 1812 Double Mailboxes

Buckhorn Black 1812 Double Mailboxes


The versatile and attractive 1812 Double series mailboxes offer an economical option without the clutter of multiple mailbox posts. These two Buckhorn Black mailboxes features leak-eliminating single body constructions, along with UV inhibitors that prevent color from fading.

A direct burial system is incorporated into the base of the molded plastic post and allows for very easy installation. The “Sunday size” newspaper holders and bracketing are powder coated for durability and longevity. The 1812 series residential mailboxes are by far the most maintenance free and versatile system available.

  • Includes “Washington” polycast post with direct burial base
  • USPS Approved for delivery
  • Sunday newspaper size tube
  • Powder coated galvanneel steel mounting brackets
  • Steel mounting pole
  • Black stainless steel hardware included

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